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Edition #38, September 15, 2006

Oregon Sunset

Photographer: Alex Mayes

            Photo 2006 by Alex Mayes

Oregon Sunset

During our trip to Union Pacific's Huntington Sub through the Blue Mountains in eastern Oregon in May 2005 we had mostly clear skies, which of course provides optimum lighting for daytime photography.  However, clear skies do not create the dramatic sunset photos for which the West is known. 

On our last day I noticed that clouds were forming to the west as the sun was beginning to set, so I scouted the line for some signals or other structures which would make interesting photo "props" should the sky turn red.  I found the perfect location at CP Wing, about three miles west of Baker City, which is a siding with two classic UP target signals. I set up my tripod and Canon EOS A2 adjacent to the right of way and waited.  Just before the sun sank below the distant mountain range the skies began to turn red, and as a huge cloud turned crimson I snapped several photos, bracketing each exposure to ensure at least a few of them would turn out satisfactory. 

One of them was "right on the money", and this photo is the result.  The conditions were optimal for only a minute or so, so I had to work fast, but I feel the time and perseverance I put into obtaining this photo was well worth the effort.

Alex Mayes

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