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Edition #36, August 15, 2006

When Did It Begin For You?

Photographer: Steve Crise

                                              Photo © 2006 by Steve Crise

When Did It Begin For You?

If youíve found yourself looking at images on this site chances are youíre a railfan. Perhaps youíre a newcomer to the hobby, or maybe youíre a life long addict. In either case, Iím willing to bet you can remember the day, the hour, the minute, the second you became enthralled with railroads. Like most of us who call ourselves railfans, you can probably recall the exact experience that made you realize just how fascinated you were with big powerful machines and the men who made them work.

Iíd bet youíd certainly remember the day when you waved to the friendly engineer in the cab of the big black steam locomotive, and then he waved right back at you. Nor would you be likely to forget when that very same engineer stepped down from his lofty perch, walked across the tracks, shook your hand and posed with you and Sis while Dad snapped your photo.

I canít say for sure, but judging by the expressions on the faces of those two kids, Iíd like to believe that in this photograph I managed to capture one of those moments that makes someone a life long railfan.

Steve Crise   

Steve Crise Photoproduction

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