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Edition #6, May 15, 2005

Rook Sunset

Photographer: Wade Massie

                                                                                         Photo © by Wade Massie

Rook Sunset

February 1, 2005 was one of those near perfect days where seemingly everything went right. 

The weather was abnormally warm, and the skies a brilliant shade of blue. Either one of these is rare during winter in Pittsburgh, but to have both occur on the same day was a stroke of exceptionally good luck.

I’d spent the afternoon chasing the Allegheny Valley Railroad’s AVR-3, the train that works the former B&O W&P Sub to Washington, PA. The chase and the photos were great, every shot was sunny and there was a nice layer of snow on the ground, a fine complement to the clean and shiny AVR GP10, which powered the train. Adding to my good fortune was the fact that I was able to get photos of the train on the western portion of the line, unusual since the train typically passed through here after sunset during the short days of winter. 

My final shot of the AVR was at Washington, passing the old B&O station. I still had a little bit of daylight left, and figured I’d attempt to drive up to Rook to try shooting some Wheeling and Lake Erie power illuminated by the last rays of sunlight. Heading north on Interstate 79 I made good time and thought I might just be able to pull off a shot or two. Due to traffic, I got there right as the sun was setting. Roster shots of W&LE power were out, but an impressive sunset made me try for a silhouette shot. I looked around and hustled over to the old sanding tower where I set up for a few quick photos before the sun completely disappeared, ending a great afternoon of photography.

Wade Massie

February 2005


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