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Edition #3, April 1, 2005

Pure Serendipity

Photographer: Mel Patrick

                                                                                 Photo by Mel Patrick

Pure Serendipity

About the photo: Pure serendipity.

The location is near Klondike, Calif. on the ATSF main (I think like an old-timer about route designations) and the time is about 10pm, as if that mattered. Fellow traveler Mike Valentine and I are returning from Winterail via the ATSF main. Mike had flown to Denver from Detroit via US Air who managed to destroy his own tripod in transit. So, on the trip we traded using the one working tripod.

While Mike was using the tripod at Klondike, I simply put the camera on the ground with a 16mm fisheye, pushed a few stones under the lens to frame the scene, and opened the shutter with a cable release. A full moon and train headlights lit the scene, exposure about 2 minutes at f/2.8 with Provia 100. A warm desert night, bright moonlight and lots of railroad action. This is fun.

Mel Patrick

March 2005

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