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Edition #23, February 1, 2006

When The Going Gets Tough

Photographer: Tim Wakeman

                                         Photo © 2005 by Tim Wakeman

When The Going Gets Tough

January 3, 2003 was not one of the better days that New Yorkers would like to remember, but for me it was just another day in the rough trying to catch some spectacular railroad action on film.

While many folks roll back into bed after seeing a couple of inches of snow outside, I like to take advantage of the lesser traffic and stroll out into an adventure. Westbound New York, Susquehanna & Western train SU99 had already been by my home area in Orange County, New York so I’d have to do some catching up to it as it headed for the Delaware River valley.

Temperatures were right around the freezing mark, so I knew the roads wouldn’t be “that bad”. I was right. The interstate was good for speed, but once off it and into the valley travel was a bit less than desirable. Not to mention that the four inches of snow back home had turned into about twenty-six inches in these parts. I caught the train at Lackawaxen, PA. Nothing, and I mean nothing could be seen. It was just a white cloud bursting skyward in miniature explosions.

Several shots were made as the train worked its way west. Some were of the classic “smashing through the plow wakes” at grade crossings. This one at Hankins was my favorite of the day. A local man with his dog stood by me to watch the action, wondering what all the commotion was about. After we were buried beneath snow turned to cement all he could say was, “That was neat”. The dog was smart. He waited for his master on the stoop.

Tim Wakeman

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