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Edition #186  November 15, 2012

Tacos, Mountain Dew, Trains...

Photographer: Paul Hoffmann

                                                                      Photo by Paul Hoffmann

Tacos, Mountain Dew, Trains...

A Friday night with my son

On a recent Friday night, I picked up my Son from Grandma and Grandpa’s house after a week of Zoo camp.  He had his usual drum lessons and then we got to have dinner together as Mom and sister were busy.  After lessons, I asked where he wanted dinner from, to which his answer was “Taco Bell.”  “12 Pack?” I asked. “Yes!” he replied. I figured we would go home to eat, but much to my surprise I was about to find out he had something else in mind. “Dad, I have an idea. Let’s get the tacos and go to the train station!” I agreed that was a great idea and ordered a 12 pack, 6 regular, 6 no lettuce for him and a Mountain Dew. “Mountain Dew?!” He queried with a grin on his face.

We had a great night at the station, we finished our tacos and Mountain Dew as we watched the end of the evening commuter rush. The freight trains were plentiful, but I recorded the impromptu Father-Son outing with one of the many outbound Metra commuter trains bringing home workers weary from another week of work in the city that works. 

Paul Hoffmann

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