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Edition #65, November 1, 2007

Observing The Platform

Photographer: Michael William Sullivan

                               Photo by Michael William Sullivan

Observing The Platform

I decided one day to visit Newark Penn Station. A friend of mine, James Zimenoff and I met up on Track 1. When he train arrived, we met up and went out in search of the many photographic opportunities this station has to afford. At first I really didn't know what kind of theme I wanted to work with. Of course I took a few roster shots, but I generally like to avoid doing that.

After about half an hour of walking around the platforms and getting some food in my stomach, the idea hit me. Crews. The rest of the day, my main goal was to get photo of how train crews operate when on the platform loading and unloading passengers. After shooting a few different trains and crews from both NJ Transit and Amtrak, I had thought I my best shots of the day but was quickly proven otherwise when Amtrak Train #174 pulled in on Track 2 at 12:37P.

The lighting on the platform is awesome. There is enough to get a smooth exposure, but perfect for a silhouetted shot. When the conductor passed the all clear wave back to his brakeman the assistant conductor stepped in the vestibule and the brakeman stood out on the platform to make sure his doors closed. Second later, the train began moving and the brakeman in the back continued to watch his platform all the way through the station.

The photo above is the best shot of crews doing their job the entire day.

Michael William Sullivan

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