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Edition #42, November 15, 2006

Pennsy in Point Pleasant

Photographer: John Hopkins

                    Photo © 2006 by John Hopkins

Pennsy in Point Pleasant

The weather looked like it would be "iffy" at best, and I probably wasn't going to make many brownie points chasing trains on my 34th Anniversary, but I figured how often do Mr. Levin's handsome E-8s lead a classy train down New Jersey Transit's North Jersey Coast line to Bay Head, NJ? My friend Jeff had called me a couple of weeks ago telling me of this special train. With the arrival and departure times in the Point Pleasant area of late afternoon, I knew I'd have enough time to put in the day at work and drive over there. 

Jeff met me in the parking lot where I work just as the rain started. It got heavier as we left Toms River and continued as we drove through Brick. The rain stopped as we arrived in Bay Head to see if any photo ops would present themselves there. There weren’t any, so we headed up to the Route 35 bridge between Brielle and Point Pleasant.  We got a few good shots as it went south to Bay Head, but this later shot (at 17:33) of the inspection train heading north, with the charter boat in the foreground and the houses in the left rear made the trip worthwhile.

This was one of those rare trips that I was able to do and still be home in time for supper!

John Hopkins

15 Jun 06

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