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Edition #256  October 15, 2015

Sunset in Yuma

Photographer: Rob Richardson

                                                                                  Photo by  Rob Richardson


Sunset in Yuma

My second daughter's timing is not very good.  Not only was her third child due in June, in the heat of the Yuma, AZ, summer, but her husband got sent off for his two weeks of National Guard training right when the child was due.  So, my wife and I flew down to help her with her other two children, boys ages 3 and 5.  It was not easy trying to keep them from killing each other while finding outdoor things to do in the hour in the morning and hour in twilight when the temperature was below 100F, and watching movies much of the rest of the time.  I saw Frozen at least three times down there.

There are plenty of trains in Yuma.  The UP Yuma Subdivision is very active.  But I didn't expect to chase any.  But then, the question of how to get the boys to vacation bible school came up.  Sensing an opportunity, I offered to do it.  Take them to church, drop them off, two hours of free time, and pick them up! 

The first day, I went scouting.  I found spot where the tracks ran straight under a signal bridge and into the sunset.  The next day I took a good book, a large thermos of ice water, and my camera and went back.  The light was perfect, and there were trains coming from each direction.  But would the westbound screw up the shot?  It stopped just long enough.  The westbound got its green light shortly before the eastbound got to the bridge.

Rob Richardson


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