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Edition #231  October 1, 2014

Scandinavian Visitors in the Balkan Mountains

Photographer: Christoph Grimm

                                                                                   Photo by Christoph Grimm

Scandinavian Visitors in the Balkan Mountains

 The F-units do have also European sisters! After WWII the US saw a large market in Europe to modernize their loco fleet and sold licenses to different manufacturers in Europe. These adapted the loco design to their needs.

The Swedish loco builder NoHAB (Nydqvist och Holm AB) built a streamliner version called type AA16. Actually the profile was more of the Australian VR A-class than the F-unit. It was mainly sold to Denmark and Norway but also to the communist country Hungary, which was forced by the Soviet Union into their hemisphere after WWII! For Belgium similar locos were built by a Belgian builder under EMD license.

Nowadays only very few of these locos are still in use. This year they celebrate their 60s anniversary. The last country in the world using EMD streamliner in front of regular passenger trains is the small Balkan country Kosovo. Two of the NoHABs are still in use in this Balkan country. This photos shows loco 005 on its way to Peja in April this year. Kosovo got 4 of these streamliners donated in 2001 from Norway.

Christoph Grimm

Berlin, Germany

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