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Edition #183  October 1, 2012


Photographer: Peter Bruce

                                                                      Photo by Peter Bruce


G'day all, this is the eastern edge of the Ballaarat commercial district, the corner of Victoria Street and Main Road which was the junction for the Victoria Street and Mount Pleasant lines, the right hand rail of the latter is visible at the bottom right corner of the frame.

I remember that it was a Sunday afternoon and the lack of life in the street certainly points to that. Sunday was certainly still the day of rest back then.

Single trucker number 26 is drifting down the hill in Victoria Street while that kid with the old fashioned bike looks on.... mildly interested.

The entire scene is very dated but there is an exception. The young woman crossing the road, oblivious to number 26. This was 1971, her grand daughter in 2012 could be dressed identically without seeming in the least old fashioned........ but there would be an iphone in her pocket!

P.S. You can still ride 26 today at the Ballarat Tramway Museum in Wendouree Parade. It is a very nice little tramcar.

Peter Bruce

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