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Edition #111, October 1, 2009


Photographer: Dave Crammer

                                                                                 Photo by Dave Crammer


It was September 30, 2005. I was at my favorite spot above the Tehachapi Loop looking down into the valley wondering why there were people on the loop getting shots they could have taken in a yard. They were missing the entire picture. Sitting at the loop was a Union Pacific train waiting for those climbing to clear. It was warm with a gentle breeze as I took in the scene. Birds were singing in the background. All in all it was a perfect morning for railfanning.

After a while a group came by. While the husband continued on with friends to look down from the next hill the wife sat and we talked. She asked me if I knew Chard Walker and I admitted I knew who he was but had never met him. She told me they were old friends. I asked her if she knew his phone number, as I had always wanted to interview him. She didn't have it on her but told me where he lived.

When I got home I gave him a call, which resulted in the article in the April issue of Railfan & Railroad magazine. But for the chance encounter on this perfect morning it would have been an opportunity lost with the gentle wind; I would have missed it. So one railfan adventure morphs into another. We must seize the moment and extend it. 

Dave Crammer

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