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Edition #40, October 15, 2006

Hoboken Sleepers

Photographer: Michael William Sullivan

            Photo 2006 by Michael William Sullivan

Hoboken Sleepers

One night after it had been raining heavily on and off most of the day I decided to gear up the camera for a late night round of photography at New Jersey Transit's Hoboken Terminal. Not much was happening in the station at this time of night. A few late-night passengers scurrying to make their trains, a few trains arriving and departing about every 30 minutes and an army of mechanical guys running all over the place to prepare the trains for the next morning.

After a while of walking around looking for photo opportunities, I found myself at the west end of Track 1. A pair of F40's were idling away into the night; the sound was awesome. The grumbling growl of both EMD units was echoing off the roofs of the classic train sheds built nearly 100 years ago.

I set up my tripod, lined up and took a few different shots with different exposure settings. The humidity in the air was giving me a lot of problems with washing out and such. After taking about 5 photos, this was the one I was most pleased with.

Michael William Sullivan

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