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Edition #15, October 1, 2005

Middle Division

Photographer: Rob Palmer


                                                                                    Photo 2005  Rob Palmer

Middle Division

Friday, April 15th was a great day to be west of Harrisburg, PA on the "Middle Division".  This ex-PRR main line between Harrisburg and Altoona is always busy, but this particular day was busier than usual.  It was difficult to take a photo without being cut off by a train moving in the opposite direction.

Late in the day, my friend and I were in a field near Tuscarora.  Westbounds make a fine sight as they round a sweeping curve into the low afternoon sun, with a long mountain range as a backdrop.  The only problem was that NS continued to run eastbounds.  We were cut off once.  We were cut off twice.  The light was starting to fade as we heard a third eastbound and westbound approaching at a pace that would likely have them pass in front of us.

My friend stayed in the field hoping for the westbound shot.  I quickly changed locations to an elevation position looking back into the sun:  actually hoping that the trains would pass in front of me.  I think I made the right move.

Canon EOS 10D Digital Camera.  1/640 @5.6  ISO 100.

Canon 70-200f2.8 IS lens.  Shot at 200mm

 Rob Palmer


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