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Edition #230  September 15, 2014

The Voice of Youth

Photographer: Adam Wells

                                                                                   Photo by Adam Wells

The Voice of Youth

Well, after a twelve-hour night on a switch engine and delivering a Norfolk Southern coal train, seeing another train wasn’t high on my list. I came home and slept an hour, by then the kids were getting stir crazy so I dropped my son off at the pool. Luckily, two of my daughters decided to ride to Danville for the day with me. I knew that Southern steam locomotive 630 was around, but already left for Tennessee and had no idea what time it’d be back. We drove around for a while and decided to wait at Junction City, Kentucky in hopes of seeing her.

After sitting almost an hour, we left to eat and I offered to take them elsewhere for something more along the lines of their interests. My youngest daughter talked me into hanging around Junction City long after I knew the shadows would encroach upon my picture. So, I stayed. When 630 came by us really “feeding ‘em rail” as we say, I turned around and Rae said, “Now Daddy, that was awesome. You could feel that train go by.” You know, that kid always was hard to win an argument with.

Adam Wells

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