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Edition #229  September 1, 2014


Photographer: Tom Granville

                                                                                   Photo by Tom Granville


My little one, Emma, loves trains. When we are at home and can hear a train blowing it's horn a few miles away she says "Dada, Choo Choo. Dada, hear it." and she will hold her hand up to her ear.  When we are out railfanning, she still gets a bit skittish when they blow the horn, but she will watch the whole train go by, and after it's gone, she will wave and say "bye Choo Choo". Every now and then, We get to go out and enjoy daddy daughter time trackside. It may only be a train or two, but she loves it, and I cherish it.

The day after Christmas this past year, I got word the MGA heritage unit would be heading west and it presented a great photo opportunity. It was a welcome respite to a gloomy Christmas. Sadly, the week before Christmas, we laid to rest my brother in law, the best uncle in the world after a valiant battle trying to recover from a cardiac episode. He loved my daughter like she was his. They had a special bond. I viewed it as a way to get away, even if it was for an hour or two. I kept tabs on the train and the later it got, the better it got, but it also cut down the window we had to catch the train. We went to the line it was running on and waited. With light fading fast, the train came into view. Emma was sitting on my wife's lap in the front seat, and saw the train and almost climbed out of the window yelling "Choo Choo! Choo Choo!" I get my shot as my wife got out of the car with Emma. Emma was completely enamored watching it roll by, her eyes following each car. I snapped this photo before we got back on the car.

I know sooner or later, my little girl will more than likely grow out of her train phase, but I will enjoy every minute of it while she still loves them.

Tom Granville

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