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Edition #109, September 1, 2009


Photographer: Tom Granville

                                                                                 Photo by Tom Granville



A cricket chirps, ever so softly breaking the silence
as the signals announce
Clear on 1, Clear on 2.
I wait, listening.
Another cricket chirps, then another.
They carry on their conversations,
Oblivious to me
oblivious to the steel behemoths that ply these parts.
Off in the distance a faint rumble.
Maybe a truck, no.
Maybe a motorcycle. no.
The rumble grows louder.
The scanner crackles
18G track 1 east, clear SO.
The rumble grows louder
from the west, a light appears
The light gets brighter
The rumble gets louder.
I open the shutter
Sensory overload
Sound, smell, sight as 18G roars past, kicking down the signal.
Something strange happens
The roar gets louder
The race is on.
Track 2 has a visitor.
Signal kicked down.
I close the shutter.
Mission accomplished
Minutes later Its quiet again.
Just me and the crickets
Chirp Chirp Chirp

Tom Granville

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