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Edition #250  July 15, 2015

The Ghost and the Fog

Photographer: Tom Granville


                                                                                   Photo by  Tom Granville


The Ghost and the Fog

The Wabash NS heritage unit has always been my favorite. Seeing the paint scheme brought back memories of my grandfather and his house at Christmas. He had a set of Lionel Wabash E-units that were my favorite. It was always my favorite train to run and I would run it for hours. 

I got a call the night before informing me that the Wabash unit would lead empty hoppers out of the Shelocta, PA. power plant early the next morning. I was off, so a friend of mine and I drove up and got to the plant right before sunrise. The train was getting ready to leave, the light wasn’t the greatest, so we decided to get ahead of it and wait. As we crossed a bridge, I looked down into the valley and immediately slammed on the brakes--the shot had potential. I pulled the car over at the end of the bridge, threw the flashers on and headed back out onto it. The fog was so thick that by the time we got to the middle of the bridge, I couldn’t see the flashers on my car! The tracks were barely visible. The fog had deadened both the light and sound around us and it felt like I was standing in my own little world, like nothing existed past the fog. Soon the rumble of an EMD could be heard. It grew louder and louder as they climbed out of the valley. They were roaring by the time we could see the headlight. The sun had come up just enough to give the area and ethereal feel to it. We chased the train almost all the way to Pittsburgh, but this was the cream of the crop. 

Tom Granville

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