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Edition #84, August 15, 2008

Only Time For One

Photographer: Nick Palazini

                                                                                                      Photo by Nick Palazini

Only Time For One

Sometimes the photos we donít plan on taking are the ones that become the most memorable.  Such was the case on the evening of February 18, 2008.

The rain was pouring as I was making the drive to Valley Falls, Rhode Island where Providence and Worcester Railroad nocturnal road freight PRWO comes on duty.  As I was pulling into the parking lot at the Valley Falls Operations Center, the engine house door was beginning to rise.  Almost simultaneously, the rain had begun to slow down.

I had my camera equipment with me that particular evening, but was not planning on taking any pictures.  I had taken many photos of the P&W power in the Valley Falls Engine House on many occasions in the past.  As the rain stopped, however, I changed my mind.  The camera was taken out of its case and set on the tripod as I made my way towards the engine house.  As I walked closer, I noticed a puddle that had formed from the dayís rain that yielded a crystal clear reflection of a pair of GP38ís that were in the engine house.

I was planning on taking more than one photo that evening than the one that is seen here, but seconds after the time exposure finished, the rain began to fall steadily once again as the reflection in the puddle slowly disappeared. 

Itís been over six months since that photo was taken, and it is one that will always be most memorable.  With the Providence and Worcester having changed its train schedules, PRWO now comes on duty earlier in the evening which does not allow the opportunity for night photographs at the location.  The lesson that I learned that night was to continue taking pictures at the locations that have photographed many times already.  As a friend once told me, ďTodayís pictures are tomorrowís history.Ē

Nick Palazini

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