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Edition #249  July 1, 2015

Along Came Erie

Photographer: Tim Wakeman


                                                                                   Photo by  Tim Wakeman


Along Came Erie

After spending a few days photographing rail action in the Pittsburgh, PA area, it was decided that we hit the Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad on the way home. Now, I did not need to twist my traveling companions arms in this little adventure. What railfan doesn't like Alcos? On our travel day, the train would be making the turn to Oil City, PA from Meadville, PA. My friend Chris Southwell was engineer for the day. I knew the train had already departed Meadville so we headed for WNYP rails at Franklin and went west to cut the train off. Mission accomplished! The train was bearing down on Sugar Creek with Alco C424 #421 leading the way! A shot there and then off to the races giving chase. Upon arriving at Franklin, Chris brought the train to a halt with the conductor going inside Franklin Metals to find out what the moves of the day would be. That was when I began conversation with Chris, catching up on the goings on back east and the goings on here in western PA. It was at that moment when suddenly to the right of Chris, a paw emerged up onto the Alco's arm rest. Slowly, another. Then along came "Erie". Her head struggled to pop up as she joined in on the conversation. Or should I say, became the conversation. Chris's newest family addition, Erie, was along for the ride and just gave me the best photograph of the whole week with barely a train in sight.

Tim Wakeman

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