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Edition #79, June 1, 2008

A Summer Morning

Photographer: Dave Hyman

                                              Photo by Dave Hyman

A Summer Morning

It’s 4:30 am on another glorious August day in Ohio. During recent months the temperatures have climbed up into the 90’s, and we have had our share of violent thunderstorms, but that was last week, today would be “picture perfect”. With a check on equipment and formatting my cards it was time to head out of Canton and hit Rt. 62 East towards Alliance. It was still dark at 6 am as I drove along the freeway, but as I looked I could see the familiar pale glow of daylight just poking its head above the horizon. To back up my theory Mother Nature gave me some glimpses of what lay in store for me ahead. Here and there lay thick blankets of ground hogging fog, with trees and bushes struggling to reach up for a breath of fresh air. In low laying areas there were more gentle wisps of mist, creating a surreal atmosphere, a wonderland set apart from reality. I don’t remember how many emergency stops I made on the expressway, but it was all in the name of photography. This was far too good to pass up; after all it was an emergency …….. right?

The air is unusually quiet this morning as I drive around Alliance soaking up the morning sunrise, in search of a photograph. The summer’s day promises a golden sunrise against a perfectly blue sky. The night before was chilly but not too cold, a sweater being enough to keep out the cold, plus a stop at the gas station to pick up a cup of Cappuccino on the way in. I pulled into the station parking lot I like to call my second home and sipped my coffee anxiously waiting that moment of the suns glorious arrival with all the pomp and circumstance, and a fanfare fit for a king. There were several MOW workers milling around, obviously waiting for instructions and the days orders. Far off in the distance I could hear the train horns blowing, it’s funny, but they sounded like they were right here next to me on the mainline. At least I’ll have something to watch while I wait for the sun.

As the minutes slipped by the sky started to brighten up and nature’s colors began to show themselves. Deep blues, yellows, pinks and purples all combined with a brilliant red disc rose up above a misty foreground. There was a multitude of photographic opportunities just waiting for me, but unfortunately I could only be in one place at any time. I had a shot figured out many times before but it never presented itself quite the way I had in mind.

Today would be my day ………….

Dave Hyman

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