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Edition #76, April 15, 2008


Photographer: John Fasulo 

                                                                                                      Photo by John Fasulo 


Railroads and railroad workers have been a photographic subject for many years. Some of my earliest recollections of photographing trains were with my grandfather, a machinist for the New York Central Railroad at the Harmon Shops North of NYC on the Hudson Line. It was my grandfather who started me off in photography with a Kodak Brownie. Over the years, I continued to photograph trains and learned more about photography. I set up a darkroom in my parentís basement right next to the washer and dryer, the only available spot.

Over the years I shot locally. Metro North runs through Beacon as does Amtrak and the west shore is a CSX line with many mixed freights and intermodal trains. In the mid-70's, I went on my first cross-country railroad adventure. Leaving from Poughkeepsie, NY, I took the train to Montreal where I boarded the Canadian Pacific's Canadian to Vancouver, BC. East of the Canadian Rockies, we stopped to for a crew change. The stop was about a half hour, time enough to stretch and take a few pictures. At the head end, the new engine crew was just arriving and I started a conversation. The engineer, I think his name was Norm Holt, asked me if I wanted to ride with them in the cab. You can guess my answer. I had just enough time to return to my coach and grab my camera bag. My first trip across the Rockies was a memorable one. We climbed until we entered the famous Spiral Tunnels and corkscrewed our way over the divide.

The photographs here are of the engineer, Norm Holt and his fireman whose name I don't have. Of all the cab rides that I've done prior to and after my ride on the CP, this was the most memorable.

John Fasulo 

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