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Edition #243  April 1, 2015

This Railfanning Stuff is Easy

Photographer: Bill Mc Bride

                                                                                   Photo by Bill Mc Bride

This Railfanning Stuff is Easy

There I was lounging in an Adirondack chair on the second floor balcony of the East Glacier Lodge in East Glacier Park, Montana on July 20, 2008. I was reviewing the digital images in my Canon's viewfinder after an intense day of railfanning. After working on the Yonkers, NY Police Department for 38 years , working my way up the corporate ladder from foot cop on the midnight to eight AM shift to Deputy Chief, I announced at my retirement party that I wanted to go to Montana on a railfan excursion (and then to Disneyworld!). So my family was stuck, the statement was out there in front of about 80 witnesses. We had to go.

On the day in question the rest of the family (wife, Daughter, Son-in-Law, grandchildren and one nine month old Great-granddaughter) went horseback riding and some went white water rafting. Me, I railfanned from early morning until supper time. And, so it was as I sat there happily reviewing my days "work" my son-in-law sat down next to me and handed me a bottle of locally brewed beer. Here you go dad, have a Moose Drool. It was just the thing after a long dry and dusty day. I switched off my camera and placed it on the broad arm of the Adirondack chair. In a very short time I heard a horn of an approaching train. I was looking across the well-manicured lawn of the lodge at the log cabin-style Amtrak station. Not letting go of my Moose Drool I picked up my camera with one hand and used my thumb to turn it on. Still holding it with one hand I fired off a shot of a BNSF C44-9W as it emerged from behind the station.

I didn't pay much attention to that "grab shot" until I downloaded it onto my computer. It was at that time that I saw that the flag (which I was not even aware of when I took the shot) had been unfurled by a breeze, and it unfurled in the same direction as the passing train! Geez, everybody says you have to have top notch equipment and you have to be a good photographer to be successful in this hobby. I say, nope. You have to have a beer in one hand and be lucky. This railfanning stuff is a piece of cake. 

Bill Mc Bride

Cortlandt Manor, NY

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