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Edition #219  April 1, 2014

Epic Fail - The Railfan Variety

Photographer: Robert Bullock

                                                                                          Photo by Robert Bullock

Epic Fail - The Railfan Variety

As part of our solstice outing on the 21st of December 2012, I sought to shoot some places in the Cajon Pass that are a little less traveled.

In that pursuit, we headed up Summit Valley Road off California Highway 138 and pulled off the road about a mile west of the east end of the Martinez siding at M.P. 53.8 where there is a pair of road signs that I had hoped to frame a westbound train in between.

Well, we sat there for about three hours and not a single westbound came by - figures, they never come when you want them to.

However, at one point this set of light helpers came chugging up the mountain and I figured that I could at least get a good shot of the rear unit as it was going away and framed between the two 30 MPH signs.


I don't know who I pissed off upstairs that week, but in return, he/she sent me at that moment an eastbound beer truck (the only truck that came by in three hours) and as fate would have it, the timing of it could not have been more precise.

Ergo, after waiting patiently for over three hours, I never did get the shot I wanted.

Such is the sport of photo railfanning.

BNSF Cajon Subdivision near Martinez - MP 53.8.

Cajon Pass - San Bernardino County

December 21, 2012

Robert Bullock

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