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The Holloran Dog

Photographer: Robert L. Bullock

                                                                      Photo by Robert L. Bullock

The Holloran Dog

Farewell to the Holloran Dog, January 29, 2011.

Ten years ago I rescued the Holloran Dog from the Orange County Animal Shelter and she became my constant companion.  She traveled often with me to Crescent City on the North Coast of California, to the foothills of the Sierras in Butte County and on down south to the beaches of North San Diego.  She went to work with me and over the years became well acquainted with a number of my long time clients. She wandered around the office or just lay on the floor at the foot of my desk and listened to our conversations.  She went with me on day trips around the Los Angeles basin and with my family on our vacations. Over time my young son became quite attached to her.

In fact, the Holloran Dog made a number of her own friends and shared some of mine. It is only recently that I have been made aware of the depth of her allure.  It was after the birth of my son that the Holloran Dog became a rail fan. She got her name nickname as a consequence of her unique interest in trains.  When my son was about two, I began to observe the Holloran Dog’s newfound interest in trains while we were stopped at the grade crossings in town to wait for the passing trains.  I noticed that both my son and the Holloran Dog would become quite excited every time the train came by; they would hoot and howl when the engineer blew the horn. 

Since they seemed to like them so much, I started to bring the two of them down to the Fullerton train station in the evenings where we would sit and watch the trains come and go.  Eventually I made new friends at the train station and it was to the Fullerton crowd that she became known simply as the “Holloran Dog,” due to the screen name I used on a couple of rail based Web forums.

As the years progressed, the Holloran Dog made it known that she no longer wanted to walk in the park near our house at night because she had trouble negotiating the curvy and uneven paths in the dark.  She did however enjoy the well-lighted platform at the station. It is there that we would take our nighttime walks while in her senior years.

During the time we spent at Fullerton, she often waited patiently while I photographed trains or talked to friends and acquaintances about this and that, at times chased the kid around.  She was also the subject of some of my photographs and I thought it was quite an accomplishment to get her picture accepted on a well-known rail photography web site.  She also enjoyed running around the paths and dirt access roads of the Cajon Pass and we spent many an hour just walking around and looking at things. 

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and so also my relationship with the Holloran Dog.  I am happy to have made her acquaintance and she will be missed.

BNSF Cajon Subdivision at Hill 582 - MP 58.2.

Cajon Pass - San Bernardino County, California.

Robert L. Bullock

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